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Liver Spot Home Treatment

Liver Spot Home Treatment

A liver spot can be quite worrisome when it appears on the skin. The affected person tends to feel rather disturbed; considering the rate at which the liver spot discolors the skin and makes a person look older than their years. As one grows older, the chance of having this skin problem tends to rise.  At times like this, it is important to reduce the rate at which gets him or herself exposed to the sun. Generally, a liver spot does not have any kind of side effect whatsoever. It does not lead to cancer and is not contagious. But if you would prefer to get your youthful skin back, you can still work towards getting rid of the brown spots.  In order to get rid of this skin problem, you do not need to visit the hospital in the least; you can easily get things sorted out yourself right at home.  Some simple liver spot home treatment methods that can be used will be highlighted in this article.

Onion to the rescue

Onion had been discovered to be a very helpful ingredient for an effective liver spot home treatment. It is very easy and cheap to obtain. Its application is also so easy. You simply need to squeeze the onion to extract its juice. Apply the juice directly onto the surface of the spots on your skin using a finger or a q-tip. Repeat this up to two times a day, and each evening before you go to bed. After some weeks of consistent usage, you should notive an improvement to the appearance of your liver spot.

Try apple cider vinegar

In order to get rid of the liver spot from your skin, you can also make use of apple cider vinegar. This too had been discovered to be able to remove the brown spots and help you to recover your normal skin again. The solution is very mild on the skin and it will not lead to any form of burning. Consistent application for a couple of months may needed before you can expect to see any noticable improvement of the skin condition.

Apple cider vinegar plus onion

In order to get better and faster results from the treatment of liver spot, some individuals had tried mixing apple cider vinegar and onion juice together. The two are then applied directly on the spot as above to get the brown spots removed. Claims had been made of how very effective this method of treatment is.

Something stronger

Some stronger liver spot home treatments can include glycolic acid or hydrogen peroxide. Both are strong substances and should be used gradually and with care. There are ready made liver spot home removal kits available to buy with everything you need to complete your treatment. You will see much faster results using these products, although they are still completely natural just much stronger than onions and apple cider vinegar.

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