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Cream To Remove Age Spots

Cream To Remove Age Spots

Age spots are harmless brown spots that are mostly found on a person’s skin as they age, hence the name age spots. They are also sun related and can be prevented from an early age. However, if you already have age spots and are looking for a way to remove them then there are several ways to do so. You could opt for laser treatment or home remedies. Over the counter drugs are also an option, in fact, they are the most common option for most people suffering from age spots. Creams are an example of over the counter treatments for age spots. Most people choose creams because of their ease of application, the small number of side effects involved and the simple instructions.

A great number of the creams can be found over the counter and they are effective in reducing the appearance of age spots. Most of these creams work because they have powerful ingredients that are very effective when it comes to age spots removal. The key ingredients found in age spot removal creams are;

Hydroquinone– this is the most effective ingredient that is found in creams. Most of the over the counter drugs contain this ingredient up to 2%. For more doses a patient will have to get a prescription product which will contain up to 4% of this ingredient. Usually this product needs to be applied to the skin and it needs to penetrate both the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin for it to be effective. Consistency will provide results in the first 2 months.

Tretinoin– this is an ingredient that helps in balancing any irregular skin conditions. This in turn will help in reducing the appearance of the spots. Tretinoin is related to vitamin A which is also known to reduce the appearance of spots and scars. It causes the shedding of old skin cells and replaces them with new ones, thus eliminating the scars altogether. This ingredient is often combined with hydroquinone for the treatment to be more effective.

Glycolic acid– this acid works by peeling away the skin cells of the age spots which, over time, fade away leaving the brown spot looking like the rest of the surrounding skin. It should be noted that this ingredient is not the most effective when it comes to age spots. But it should be sufficient enough to fade lighter age spots.

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