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Lemon Juice for Age Spots

Lemon Juice for Age Spots

Age spots are a sign of aging dreaded by many. Women all over the world try all sorts of lotions, potions and creams to get rid of age spots and spend a small fortune often with unsuccessful results. As a word of caution, age spots are linked to sun exposure, all those years of sunbathing show the damage later in life. However, age spots are not the only evidence of sun damage to the skin… overexposure to the sun can also cause actinic keratosis which is precancerous so any changes to your skin should be checked by a dermatologist. That said, we can now discuss how to get rid of age spots. There are several ways through which you can easily remove age spots. Some methods involve a home remedy while you may need to contact your doctor in order to make use of other methods. This write up will be looking into how lemon juice can be helpful in treating the skin problem.

Lemon juice to the rescue

It is possible that you have tried various methods to get your age spots removed. It is also possible that you have not been able to get any positive results from any of the things you have tried, even if you paid an arm and a leg for them! In case you have failed over and over to remove these brown spots, you can be sure that you can find a lasting solution to things with the aid of lemon juice. It has been used for decades and it hads proved itself to be very helpful for removing age spots.

How to use it

Everyone knows what a lemon is, and that if you taste one it is extremely bitter and acidic. This acid is what will help to remove the brown spots from your skin. Squeeze a lemon and collect the juice in a container, apply directly on to the age spots using a q tip. You don’t need to add anything to this liquid, you simple use the juice neat. Its natural source makes it one of the most interesting substances for the removal of age spots from the skin.

What is the frequency of use?

Lemon juice had been used by several individuals and each of them seems to have differed opinions about the frequency for which they can make use of the lemon juice for the removal of age spots. But in most cases, reports have shown that application for up to three to five times in a day will be able to get rid of the problem within a 3 week period.

After applying lemon juice for age spots for three weeks, you should definately see a change in the color of your age spots.

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