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Keratosis Spots On Skin

Keratosis Spots On Skin

Actinic keratosis actually looks like red or brown spots or blemishes on the skin.  It usually occurs in hair follicles in the form of a growth around that area. It looks like a papule and it usually has a pinkish color. It is an inflammation on the skin and it can be very painful. You can be very sure that keratosis is not the best thing to have on the skin in the least. In case you are having the kind of inflammation described above and you are not really sure whether it is keratosis or not, a quick visit to your doctor will correctly diagnose your skin condition, if it is actinic keratosis you must allow your doctor to treat it.

Usually, keratosis is found on the skin. You become more susceptible to it when you expose your skin to the direct glare of the sun.  In case you are the type that loves sunbathing, you stand a very good chance of developing keratosis on your skin. You will do well to get your whole body covered if you have to enter into the sun frequently. When it affects the face, the lesion formed by the skin condition appears very clearly on the eyelid of the affected person.

Keratosis does not occur in the younger ones. Rather, it is usually found on the skin of the elderly. Those who are advanced in age are the ones that usually bear the brunt of this skin condition. It is however not all elderly ones that end up with it; mostly those who had been consistently exposed to the sun when they were younger are the ones that can end up with keratosis.

In order to treat keratosis on your skin, excision can be used. It is however not advisable for anyone to try to get rid of keratosis by him or herself at home. There is no “Do It Yourself” option in this issue at all. You need the help of professional medical personnel.  Aside the use of excision, other surgical treatment methods can also be implemented to get rid of the skin condition.

You can also apply topical creams directly to the surface of the skin condition, which if the keratosis is on your face is a much better alternative to surgical excision which will leave a small scar. The creams actually target the fast growing cells and destroy them, the skin will turn extremely red turing treatment but will quickly heal afterwards. Many of the creams to treat actinic keratosis are prescription only and you will need to be prescribed it by your doctor.

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