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Natural Liver Spot Treatment

Natural Liver Spot Treatment

A liver spot can really make the skin look older. Due to this, several individuals who are having it are looking for any way to get rid of it; irrespective of the fact that they have advanced in age. There are several ways by which you can get rid of liver spot to the extent that no sign of the skin problem will ever be left on your skin in the least. This simple write up will open your eyes to some potent natural methods that can be very helpful in effectively removing the skin condition from your skin. The methods have been tried and tested over time and they had been discovered to be very helpful and effective. You too can trust in them to get rid of your liver spot.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a completely natural substance. In fact it consists of only hydrogen and oxygen: water [H2O] + an extra oxygen molecule [O] = H2O2. It comes in many strengths (it is diluted with pure water) and is used in many forms such as in food production, it can be added to drinking water and in its most potent form it is even used as rocket fuel!  Because it is completely natural, hydrogen peroxide can be directly applied to the surface of the skin affected by liver spots. When you make use of it, it is as good as any other natural product on the skin for the purpose of removing liver spot. The H2O2 will react on the surface of the skin, making it dry out and after a few applications the liver spot will peel off.


Any one on earth today will agree with you that prevention is better than a cure, it should also be noted that prevention is actually safer, better, cheaper and wiser than cure. One of the causative factors of this skin problem is the UV rays of the sun. If you expose your skin to Ultra Violet light, you stand a very great chance of ending up with this skin problem. In order to even prevent it from showing up at all, you should try to avoid staying for too long under the sun; especially if you are already aging, and always use SPF. If you already have your first liver spot, then I’m afraid the damage has already been done to your skin.

Alternative Natural Cures

Onions have been discovered to be very helpful against liver spot. All you need to do is to squeeze the liquid in the onion onto the liver spot and it will disappear with time. Apple cidar vinegar can also be mixed with onion juice and the mixture can be very effective against this skin problem.

Aloe Vera too had been discovered to be every useful against this skin condition. Apply the aloe Vera juice directly on the skin condition and it will disappear with time. Apply the aloe Vera up to twice in a day and leave it for up to 45 minutes each time.

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