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Old Age Spots On Skin

Old Age Spots On Skin

Old age spots are often referred to as liver spots, but they are actually the same thing. This is simply because of the similarity in the colors of age spots and the liver. This is how far the relationship between the two goes; aside the issue of color, there is no link whatsoever between the liver and liver spots. Old age spots can affect anyone, males or female. Age spots mainly affect the older generation but can sometimes be found on those in their 30’s if they run in the family or the person has accumulated a lot of sun exposure over the years. The medical name for age spots is solar lentigines, or sun spots due to their association with the sun.

Age spots more frequently appear on those areas of the skin that are thin. Old age can also make the skin get thinner and this makes the skin to react more quickly to the sunlight and produce excess melanin.  There are some parts of the skin that are however naturally thin. Such a part of the skin is the back of the hands which is a common place to see age spots, and of course, the face.

It is very important to use sunscreen to prevent age spots, but once you have them you need to find an effective treatment if they bother you a great deal. If you want to treat age spots, its best to do it a soon as they appear. Age spots can become darker in color as it takes longer time on the skin.

Color change

At the initial stage, age spots looks rather small and pale in color. Thet tend to be only one or two shades darker than you skin tone and at this point they may not be easily noticed by people around until you draw closer to them. But if the age spots are allowed to remain for a longer period on the skin, it is possible for them to develop a darker color. The darker color of age spots makes them more obvious and anyone standing at some distance form you will be able to see them. You can either choose to cover them with make-up or you may decide to look for a treatment.

Getting rid of age spots

The same method that can be used in getting rid of the new age spots on your skin can also be used to get rid of old age spots on skin. There are many skin lightening creams available to remove age spots. You however need to understand that it may take longer to get rid of age spots in comparison with how long you will need to treat the ones that have just formed on your skin.

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