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Procedure To Remove Age Spots

Procedure To Remove Age Spots

As the name suggests, age spots are called that because they are brown spots that appear as a person ages. These spots can appear on the face, arms and hands. Most of the spots are harmless but it doesn’t stop people from feeling that they need to be removed. One reason as to why not many people may be excited about them is because they are the first tell tale sign of age. Having age spots is a constant reminder that one may be growing older and for this reason, many are looking for ways to have them removed. There are different procedures that can be followed and some are mentioned below;

Lasers– this is the top treatment available for anyone looking to get rid of age spots. Age spots are known to be extra deposits of melanin which is the pigment that gives the skin its color. The melanin is hence broken down by the lasers; however this is not something that will take place after one treatment and this is because the laser treatment has to be given to the patient periodically before actual results can be noted.

Medications– this would involve treatment offered at pharmacies and places that offer over the counter drugs. Most of this medication involves topical application of creams that mostly contain hydroquinone. Retinoids is another ingredient that is commonly found in these creams. They are effective at fading age spots. Within a month or two, results will be seen.

Chemical peels– this is another effective procedure to remove age spots. It is carried out by acid being applied to the affected area of the patient’s skin. The acid then burns away the extra deposit of skin and leaves fresh skin cells underneath it. As with most of the other procedures, it will take several weeks before results can be seen.

Dermabrasion– this is the most painful procedure available when it comes to removing age spots. This is because it involves a rough surface continuously being brushed over the age spots so as to remove them. With time, new skin cells will be available, but this will be after scabbing has taken place because of the pain and redness that may result.

If you have not developed any age spots yet but have noticed that older members of your family have them, then there is a high chance that you may develop them as well. Keep away from overexposure to the sun and using sunscreen are the best ways you can avoid age spots.

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