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Home Remedies Seborrheic Keratoses

Home Remedies Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheic keratoses is a skin condition whereby there is an abnormal reproduction of skin cells. This skin condition causes brown growths which to most people, is not appealing. A lot of people seek treatment to remove seborrheic keratoses because they are concerned with the way they look. There are a lot of over the counter treatments and prescription drugs that are available to use to help cure seborrheic keratoses. However most of these treatments can be expensive for some and they may not be readily available; hence many patients are looking to cure their conditions through home remedies. Some home remedies for seborrheic keratoses are mentioned below;

Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient that is used when it comes to seborrheic keratosis home remedies. It is important that the concentration of the H2O2 be around 35% for you to experience the best results with it. It is important that the hydrogen peroxide is applied directly onto the seborrheic keratoses and a few minutes after that, you will notice the spots turning white. This will stay this way for a while after which they will turn pink. You will also notice some scabs forming on the seborrheic spots. This should be done consistently, the SK’s will dry out and form scabs which will fall off revealing the skin beneath.

Hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation in some especially if it is applied to parts of the skin that do not contain the skin condition. To be precise in your application, use a cotton ball or a gloved fingertip and rub it on the affected area. To further prevent this you can apply lotion to the surrounding skin to prevent the hydrogen peroxide from burning it. It is recommended that the treatment be done on a weekly basis.

When bathing, you can also add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to bath water as it will help in preventing more seborrheic keratoses from forming.

Glycolic acid solution is another effective way of treating keratoses. This solution is prepared by using 30% glycolic acid which is then placed in a spray bottle. Using the bottle, the solution is then sprayed onto the affected area daily. When the solution is on the seborrheic keratoses, some burning can be experienced. However, with time it fades away. The spots will turn pink, and then form scabs. These scabs fall off with time and new skin will be revealed. If you find that the spots are still there even after you’ve applied the solution, wait until the spots have healed and then reapply the solution again.

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Home Remedy for Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheic Keratoses

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