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Manuka Honey & Pigmentation

Manuka Honey & Pigmentation

Several natural methods can be used in dealing with skin pigmentation. Some of them had been found to be very helpful in dealing with this skin condition, while some other ones may not be as active against the skin condition. But all in all, the use of natural methods for treating skin pigmentation had been found to be far more useful than when artificial methods are used. This article is designed to show you how helpful manuka honey can be for the natural treatment of pigmentation. You will also learn some important facts about the usage of this treatment method for pigmentation.

How active is the manuka honey?

Manuka honey can be very active in fighting against this skin condition. It is not only active against skin pigmentation, but it had also been found to be very helpful against things like freckles.  In a matter of weeks, you will be able to get rid of this skin condition.

Application of the manuka honey

There is a specific way to prepare the manuka honey in order to make it capable of curing your skin pigmentation. Look out for pumpkin and egg. Boil and mash the pumpkin and add three table spoons full of it onto one egg yolk.  Mix this together and add the mixture to the manuka honey. Dip a towel in warm water and place it on your face. Leave it in place for up to three minutes. Apply the mixture on your skin surface and leave it in place for as long as fifteen minutes. After the expiration of this time, you can wash off the mixture using cold water.

How soon before you expect result

After applying the manuka honey, you should never expect a miracle; there is no over night freedom from this skin condition. You need to apply the skin condition as consistently as possible. You may have to carry out the application for as often as three times in a day. The consistent application will however work the required miracle in a matter of weeks.


There is actually no limitation to the reach of the manuka honey as far as the treatment of skin problems is concerned.  It had even been extensively used for the treatment of pimples. Some people thought that the use of aloe Vera may be able to help them with the skin problem. But aloe Vera  had been discovered not to be as helpful as the manuka honey.

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