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Keratosis – Reasons To Remove Them

Keratosis – Reasons To Remove Them

Concerned about your skin imperfections? This organ of the body gets the least attention. Yet, they are prone to harmful substances present in the environment. Therefore, do what is best for your skin just like eating what is best for your body. It is remarkable that what you eat have an effect with your complexion. Healthy diet is good for your entire body.

Aside from eating healthy, examine what your skin need and avoid what is harmful to it. Sun is good but too of it will damage your skin. Keratosis is one skin problem caused by intense sunlight. It develops when the keratin, which is the major structural part of epidermis, hair and nails grows faster. Over time, it accumulates and later plugged skin pores.

Keratosis comes in different form and treatment are available. However, treatment procedure depends on the type you have, size and severity. Seborrheic and keratosis pilaris are known to be hereditary in which there is no known cure at all. But methods can be found to treat them, thus minimizing their recurrence. On the other side, actinic keratonis is precancerous thus require immediate medical treatment.

Because of possible complications, dermatologist recommends removing the skin growth immediately for those who have actinic keratosis. It could exaggerate into skin cancer once untreated. Treatment works best if you incorporate it with minimizing your sun exposure.

Keratosis can affect your social life. These unsightly growths immediately get the attention of onlookers and may stare at you. Although, their manifestations are not on areas highly visible by naked eye, still, it has a great impact in your dealing with others. This is true with keratosis pilaris in which no medical treatment could eliminate them completely. But it effectively delays its recurrence.
With regards to seborrheic keratosis, medical treatment is suggested on the grounds of intense pain, infection and bleeding. Also, there is no known medical cure for this and even if you do not experience pain, you can decide to have them removed.

Lastly, embarrassment stirs you to have them eliminated. It has a huge impact on how others treat you especially on your relationship with others. Significantly important is when they develop on areas visible to others like your face.

A healthy reminder though is that you should consult a dermatologist in removing keratosis and know the appropriate treatment recommended for your condition. With this, you are not wasting your time, money and effort with ineffective removal treatment.

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