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How To Prevent Pigmentation

How To Prevent Pigmentation

Pigment simply means coloring. Pigmentation of the skin therefore means coloring of the skin where the skin assumes complexion. When you have a skin pigmentation problem, it simply means that your skin is having color problems. Pigmentation problems are normally prevented when you understand the causes. A lack of skin pigment is called hypopigmentation & excess pigment is referred to as hyperpigmentation.

Pigmentation problems can be caused by many things. Overexposing yourself to UV light is one of the causes. UV light makes the skin to produce more melanin to counter the effect. When you have more melanin at one spot, your skin will be uneven. To avoid getting pigmentation problems via this cause, ensure that you are always on sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun. You should also avoid going out in the sun when it is peak. Between 10.00am and 3.00pm, the sun is stronger and it is advisable to stay indoors.

Pigmentation problems are caused by photosensitivity reactions. In this case, by your skin being sensitive to light. You should avoid areas that have a lot of light. If you expose yourself to such areas, you are prone to have this skin disorder.

Pigmentation skin problems are also caused by excessive use of cosmetics. Some cosmetics react on your skin overtime and with time you cannot do without them. They sometimes work by changing the atmosphere for the skin and with time the skin adapts to it and problems start.

Pigmentation problems can sometimes be inherited. This skin condition can be passed from parent to child and in such a case, prevention is not possible. In this case, this skin disorder is in the genes and it cannot be avoided.

Pigmentation is aften seen in women who take the contraceptive pill. This is due an imbalance of hormones – similar to the “Mask of Pregnancy” or Melasma which affect pregnant women due to the same hormone. The answer would be to stop taking the pill although it may take a long time to see any results and sun exposure will only make the problem worse.

There are many treatment options for pigmentation. Laser treatments are used on many skin conditions and it is the same case here. Lasers are very fast and effective; you should however note that it can be very costly. Topical lightening agents are also used to treat pigmentation. They work by reducing pigment in the specific areas and with time, you will have your even skin tone back. Chemical peels are also used for this skin condition. The peels work on the skin by replenishing the skin and cleansing it. With regular treatments your skin will improve to your advantage.

In conclusion, pigmentation problems are not dangerous. They pose no health risk. They can only be stressful but there are ways of countering it and so, panic not.

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