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Home Treatments For Pigmentation

Home Treatments For Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation problems are color problems that affect the skin. This mainly has to do with melanin production. Melanin is an element of the skin that gives it color. It is produced by cells known as melanocytes.

There are numerous home treatments for pigmentation disorders. Topical creams can be used to treat this skin problem. Most of these creams contain bleaching agents are used on dark spots. However, if you have dark skin and the patches are light; known as hypopigmentation- these creams are not good for you. They will only worsen the situation for you.

Lemon juice can be used as home treatment for skin pigmentation problems. As you make your lemonade, spare some lemon juice and do not add sugar to it. Apply it on the affected areas and leave it to dry. Do this twice daily. This works by the acid burning the spots and they will fade after some time.

Onions can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation problems. This can be done at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is blend the onions and mix the juice with apple cider vinegar. The two combined work wonders on the spots.

Cucumbers are also used to treat pigmentation. They are good at making the dark spots fade. If you have dry skin, you can mix cucumber juice with honey. The moisturizing aspect of cucumber softens and hydrates the skin and the skin improves.

Lime juice is also used on brown patches of skin. It works the same way as lemon juice and they are both acidic. Use it twice a day after taking a bath as your skin is fresh at this time.

Avoidance of the sun is treatment too. Pigmentation problems are mainly caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The sun’s rays affect the skin by damaging the cells that produce melanin. When you expose yourself to the sun, you worsen the situation. If you have to go out in the sun, ensure that you have used sunscreen on your skin and not just any sunscreen but one with a broad spectrum. The sunscreen has to be of at least factor 15 and contain minerals like zinc and titanium.

Finally, home treatments for pigmentation are very cost effective & convenient. These treatments are very affordable and are at our disposal at anytime. Pigmentation problems are of different types and these treatments depend on the type you have.

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