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Keratosis Seborrheic

Keratosis Seborrheic

Keratosis seborrheic is a benign type of keratosis which is a noncancerous growth on the human skin. This keratosis condition mostly starts appearing as one ages and is mostly associated in individuals of a family.

The skin growths with this type of keratosis are located on the face, shoulders, chest area, back and other areas in the body. Normally, these growths cause no pain but are at times itchy. The growths in keratosis seborrheic are rough in texture and have waxy surfaces. They appear in single form but are numerous in the affected body part and have different colors as well.

These seborrheic keratosis growths usually cause no harm to the body thus require no treatment unless in cases where their irritation becomes too much. In this case, the growths are removed by skin specialists or doctors through surgical measures or freezing them. When the seborrheic growths are removed, there are usually no associated scars, only in some parts where the skin is left with a lighter color than the normal one. As with cancerous growths, seborrheic ones don’t return once removed but they develop as one ages.

Seborrheic keratosis has no major complications. The common ones however include, bleeding of the growths, irritation or discomfort. The other complication, as viewed by people, is that they interfere with individual beauty and that affects women in most cases since beauty is their mirror.

To treat seborrheic keratosis, it should always be done during the earliest sign of it. As some skin conditions tend to result to more complicated diseases like skin cancer, the conditions should be noted early and treatment given. Though keratosis seborrheic is not harmful to an individual, the course it may result to, skin cancer can be fatal to one’s health. This early handling of the condition will prevent chances of getting skin cancer.

When seborrheic keratosis is treated, one is usually left with a scar that is not noticeable in most cases therefore one regains their beauty fast. The scar left by the seborrheic growth is also determined by the skin color of an individual and the method through which the keratosis was removed.

Seborrheic keratosis, as discussed, has no major complications towards health in spite the fact that it alters the beauty and health to small degree. With this condition, one should always consult the doctor to get advice or information on how to go through it.

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