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Kojic Acid Skin Treatments

Kojic Acid Skin Treatments

When it comes to skin care, kojic acid is a renowned name which inhibits the skin’s production of melanin. With less melanin production, the skin tone will be lighter. Koji is a japanese mushroom that produces kojic acid. Regarding the reliability of this kojic acid, many wonders if it is really safe. Some researches claim that kojic acid may cause cancer in large amounts. Kojic acid is considered to be carcinogenic when used in large doses. It is also used to preserve the zest and color of foods. Melasma is known to be remedied by some kojic acid treatments.

It could lose its effectiveness once exposed to external elements. Some companies use a more stable version of it-kojic dipalmate. However it is not as effective as pure kojic acid. Its pigmentation inhibiting property certified it to be used as a skin whitening treatment. Its efficiency is out of the question but its safety is. Kojic acids indications include acne, dark spots caused by aging and freckles. It is also used for uneven skin tone, stretch marks and other skin discoloration. Another benefit of it is cell strengthening and riddance of free radicals. Kojic acid products varies from creams, serums, gels and soaps.

Because of its use in foodstuff, many believe that it is really safe on skin. However it also has side effects. Skin might become sensitive from kojic acid treatment overuse. One may even contract allergic contact dermatitis. Walking under the sun would be a drag for a kojic acid user because skin becomes susceptible to damage brought by sunlight. There are also some complaints about it that it can cause dark circles under the eyes. Kojic acid maybe safer than hydroquinone, but still it poses some risks. If any problems are faced with using kojic acid products, abstaining from it is recommended.

There are many beauty creams available to buy over the counter which contain a small amount of Kojic Acid.