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Liver Spots

Liver Spots

For men and women, who are over the age of forty the appearance of liver spots is quite common. Liver spots, also called age spots normally take years to appear. The most significant factor is that these dark patches on the skin have nothing to do with liver disease or the human liver, although they have the word liver in its name. By a licensed dermatologist it is possible to have them removed. Moreover, liver spots may be esthetically unpleasing to some. It is significant to mention that the development of liver spots can be reduced by the daily utilization of such sort of moisturizer which contains an SPF sunscreen.

For the purpose of removing age spots one can apply a skin bleaching cream. It is important to remember that there are some creams which may need to be reapplied as such creams are not powerful enough to decrease the appearance of age spots. Furthermore, one can find topical creams which contains Kojic Acid and Aloe Vera. Moreover, appearing on the skin of arms, face, backs of hands sometimes the back and chest, liver spots are discolored patches of tan and brown pigmented skin. Although age spots are harmless, the appearance of age spots is discomforting. No doubt, the appearance of liver spots is able to decrease by the treatment. Now we are going to mention some instructions on how to treat liver spots.

It is necessary to visit an authentic as well as reputed dermatologist. Furthermore, there are several options that only a doctor can provide are also capable to giving help to prevent the liver spots such as dermabrasion involving skin sanding, cryotherapy which is freezing the age spots with liquid nitrogen, acids which are used for chemical peels and more. It is necessary to remember that as once believed, a problematic liver is not the cause of liver spots. No one can deny the importance of above mentioned factors which may enable you to get rid of liver spots.

Liver spots usually appear on such areas of the skin that have been exposed to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. According to the explanation of SparkPeople.com excess sun exposure can ruin the skin and may also be the reason the body responds by sending large amounts of pigment to the destroyed areas to protect itself. It must be kept in mind that liver spots remain on the skin like a scar and do not fade over time unless you prevent liver spots in the first place or treat them effectively.

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