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Solar Lentigo

Solar Lentigo

A small and pigmented area of skin with a normal skin on its all around is known as an age spot or solar lentigo. The most common kind of lentigo is the simplex lentigo. Lentigines are common world wide. The main cause for appearing lentigines is extreme sun exposure. Different kind of lentigines can be found in different people of different age group. Such as PUVA lentigines are more commonly found in men as compared to women. Where as tanning-bed lentigines are more commonly appears in the women as compared to men.

More over their appearance can occur both in the adults and kids. The genetics contribute a lot for appearing lentigines in the children. Adults are more commonly get lesion by the chronic Exposures that may become a cause for solar lentigo.

The physical appearance, form and the structure of lentigines most probably depend on the lesion type. We are going to mention here few forms of lentigines and their physical appearance.

Lentigo simplex:

The most common form of lentigo is simplex lentigo. Sun exposure never influence on the appearance of simplex lentigo they basically are connected with a systemic disease. The appearance is just like an oval shape. This kind of lesion can appear on any part of the outer skin layer. Its appearance may also occur in the beginning childhood. It can also be noticed at the time or birth that can develop on later stages.

Solar lentigo:

Solar lentigo that is also known as age spots, sun spots, liver spots and senile spots most commonly caused by the sun exposure. The areas where they can appear are face, hands, and trunk upper part. At initial stages they are small in size with the diameter of 5mm. The outlook of the lesion is completetly even. The color of the lesion is usually brown but can also turn into yellow tan to black. The sun and the numbers of the lentigines can increase gradually. The people who age at 30-50 can receive these kinds of lesions.

Ink-spot lentigo;

The ink-spot lentigo can be recognized by a thin but strong easily visible irregular outline.

The people who are Celtic ancestry patients most commonly get affected by these lesions. Sometimes the lesions arranged like a network pattern and sometimes they look like an ink spot. They start to appear on the areas that are under direct exposure. Howsoever, great contrast with solar lentigines. It leaves only a single ink spot like lesion on the skin surface.

There are few others forms of lentigo that can appear due to different cause such as PUVA lentigo Radiation lentigo and tanning-bed lentigines. They may create different types of lesions but can be treated if you consult with some professional for better cure.