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Pigmentation & Melasma Make-Up Advice

Pigmentation & Melasma Make-Up Advice

Melasma is a hyper-pigmentation condition that occurs due to pregnancy hormones. When a woman is pregnant or taking a high-dose birth control pill she may experience melasma. It is especially common in white women and women with fairer skin and blond hair. This pigmentation problem manifests as blotchiness in skin color on the forehead, cheeks, the bridge of the nose and upper lip area of the face. It can also appear on the neck area. It is often referred to as “the mask of pregnancy”. This pigmentation problem is more pronounces in summer due to sun exposure.

When occurring in the skin of pregnant women, melasma usually disappears after the birth of the child, although this can take up to three months or more. Repeated pregnancies can also increase the intensity of this pigmentation. Such pigmentation problems can also become apparent in women who are not pregnant of taking birth control pills due to a harmless hormone imbalance. While there are a number of treatments that women can use to correct this problem, the most immediate way to mask the appearance of melasma is through the use of make up. Using make up is a safe option, particularly if the pigmentation is temporary as a result of pregnancy. A range of make-up is available to cover irregular pigmentation on your face.

Mineral make-up is ideal for covering skin inconsistencies and camoflaging pigmentation & melasma. There are many brands available, but here are some that users recommend. Synergie Minerals Make-up also has a broad spectrum UV protection and is free from paraben, talc and artificial colouring, to avoid build up of make-up on your skin. Jade Iredale Mineral Make-Up is recommended by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and skin-care professionals. This has algae extracts to prevent moisture loss and protect from UV radiation. Users report that this make-up covers extremely well and has a waterproof finish so it won’t rub off. Apply several layers of your chosen make-up onto your skin to gain extra coverage.

For thicker coverage use a concealer and apply it underneath your mineral make-up. MAC Select Cover-up is good for small imperfections in your skin pigment and can be used to brighten or lighten areas of the skin as well as evening out your skin tone. Colortrations is a liquid concealer that not only covers melasma, it is also thick enough to cover pigmentation on the skin like birth defects and tattoos. A little bit goes a long way. Adorn Cover Correction Concealer trios come as a set of three skin tones that you can blend to correct blemishes, disguise dark circles, and conceal pigmentation. Use a shade lighter than your foundation shade for under the eye area. Experiment with a range of concealers until you find one that looks natural and is not too heavy.

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