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Removing Melasma

Removing Melasma

Melasma is usually associated with pregnancy in women, hence it alternative name “pregnancy mask”. It rarely occurs in men and it is a skin disorder that will disappear naturally after a woman delivers a baby or when she stops using birth control pills. Patients are often advised to take precautionary methods in avoiding the reoccurrences of melasma, these preventive measures include; staying away from the sun, and wearing sun  glasses plus protective clothings. Over the counter medications such as Hydroquinone creams are often employed in lightening pigmentation on the skin, this kind of cream is one of the cheapest melasma treatment therapies as you can find a Hydroquinone cream for as cheap as $10, some may be cheaper than this but it is very important to consult a doctor before buying any.

Cosmetic procedures are an advanced form of dealing with melasma. These procedures often include the use of chemical peels or related treatments for removing melasma. Chemical peel treatments may range from the superficial layer of skin treatment to the treatment of the deepest region of the skin. Microdermabrasion treatments may cost few hundred dollars for lighter peels or thousands of dollars for the deeper- peels. Microdermabrasion often involves the use of some abrasive brush to rub tiny diamond particles over the surface of the skin, the light damage cause will ensure that the upper layer of the skin is removed to reveal a fresher and healthier skin layer. You may spend at least 100$ or more per session on microdermabrasion.

Laser resurfacing is another form of skin peeling, however this form of peeling involves the use of laser energy , which sensitizes the skin to the laser materials and the skin layer that is damaged is removed to reveal a more natural healthy skin. The prices of laser treatment for melasma may vary depending on a number of factors, these include; the area on which the pigmentation is located, and the type of clinic where the operation is being performed.

Intense Pulsed Light { IPL } therapy is cheaper than other forms of surgical or advanced treatments for melasma as it costs between $300 to $600 per treatment{ it is less expensive only if you are treated once but in situations where you may have to undergo a series of IPL treatments, then you will have to spend thousands of dollars to do so}. When IPL is combined with some other therapies such as the AVA , then you may have to spend an extra 150$ per treatment.

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