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Age Spot Prevention & Skin Protection

Age Spot Prevention & Skin Protection

Are you afraid of having those unsightly dark spots on your skin? Does imagining yourself in front of the mirror while using a concealer to cover up every single age spot frighten the hell out of you? Don’t you want to experience the strain of wasting a lot of money just so your skin can return to its clear, radiant state? Or are you afraid of even the most minor complications these age spot treatments might cause? If all your answers are affirmative, protect your skin starting now!

How then do you protect your skin and prevent age spots? This is done, generally, by avoiding the dangers of the sun, or keeping them at a minimum. Make sure your skin is adequately guarded from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. But if it is summer and you cannot stop yourself from going out under the sun, how can you keep your skin protected? Should you just wait for the sunset before you submerge yourself into the waters or before you put that lovely swimsuit into good use? Or should you just rule out swmming in your agenda? Of course, you should swim! All you have to do is observe these recommendations below.

Since you are going for a get-away, you have to prepare all the things that you will need. Your plans may vary from swimming to hiking or just staying at any summer hotspot but you should not fail to remember to bring a sunscreen. Make sure to read the label when buying sunscreens. See if that sunscreen you are holding contains titanium dioxide. This helps in preventing both UVA and UVB rays from entering your skin. Also, get a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of fifteen and above.

Now, before you permit the ultraviolet rays to reach your skin, use your sunscreen all over your body, leaving no stone unturned. Do this twenty to thirty minutes before heading outdoors. Sometimes, it may be less than or more than twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the brand of the sunscreen. Then, reapplication succeeds as to what the label instructs. Reapplication is performed every after one or two hours, most of the time. While you should not totally wait until the sun sets, it helps if you expose your skin to the sun at a later time. Between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon, the sun’s harmful rays are at their most damaging state. Therefore, you can either enjoy outdoors before ten in the morning or after three in the afternoon. If you are not going to swim, don protective clothing instead – covering anything you can cover, but not too exaggerated.

If you really have to be exposed to the sun, always remember these reminders. Now, if you do not have anything to do outside, stay indoors and still apply sunscreen but with a lower sun protection factor. Following all of the instructions above, you can help protect your skin from age spot formation.

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