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Age Spot Treatment: Chemical Peel

Age Spot Treatment: Chemical Peel

Although the chemical peel treatment sounds like something that should be reserved only for serious cases of skin disease that are too far gone for any other treatment, nothing could be further from the truth. A chemical peel is just another Age Spot treatment that helps alleviate a skin problem that begins right around age 40 and continues on with what seems increasing frequency over the next few years.

Actually, an age spot – also known as a liver spot or sun spot – are small patches of skin pigmentation that have gone a little wild as they sit there under your epidermis. Made of the body’s skin pigment coloration agent melanin, sometimes an age spot can form for no other reason that you have been out in the sun too long and the pigment has decided to darken in response (remember the great tans as a kid? Blame your melanin!)

As you age, these small patches of pigmentation move around as they please and they can become real issues especially if you are up for a job and you suddenly find that your hands look old or that your faces has dots that you don’t remember there as recently as last week. That’s the funny thing about melanin, it’s like a free radical, and it can go anywhere it wants between the upper layers of your skin and set up shop and make you look older than you are.

If you look into say cryosurgery (laser removal) and find that it is too expensive for your wallet, then the chemical peel, where a special application of chemicals is placed on the surface of your skin to remove the upper layers, revealing the youthful, clear layers below is the route you should take, doctors recommend.

It may take several treatments, but when you are finished you will have younger-looking, smoother skin and you will probably peeled at least half-a-dozen years off your skin’s look. Remember that sun spots or age spots are the result of exposure to ultraviolet or solar radiation so that the more time you spend out of doors the more you are likely to have age spots.

It is not a condition you have to live with, though, as modern medicine has found ways to work with your skin (laser, chemical peels or dermoplasty and the like) to reverse the effects of age spots and to help make your skin younger and smoother.

As with any medical process, you should expect some redness and possible soreness in the areas that are worked on but remember, too, that the advantages of this far outweigh the small downside costs you may have to pay, especially when you get the promotion you deserve and that 20-somehing who does not have your experience just has to wait. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

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