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Liver Spots: Causes & Treatment

Liver Spots: Causes & Treatment

The ozone layer is our natural shield as it filters dangerous rays from the sun and allows only a small amount to penetrate and get into the earth’s atmosphere. Thanks to our negligence, part of the ozone layer is now eroded and most if not all the UV rays can enter the atmosphere. Needless to say there will be rising cases of people with skin conditions. One of these skin conditions is liver spots, also called age spots or sun spots.

Just as their name suggests, sun spots are a condition that come about after prolonged exposure to the sun. If they are left untreated they have the potential to develop into skin cancer. These spots tend to develop on areas of the body that are exposed to the sun more as opposed to those areas that are not. These spots are rather flat and differ in color from person to person.

The symptoms of Liver Spots are as follows:

  • Small areas of skin become darker than the surrounding skin
  • Liver spots do not fade when your skin becomes paler or loses its ‘tan’
  • As much as you may not notice that you are developing liver spots, be aware of your skin such that if there are any changes that may occur, you’ll be quick in noticing. In this case look out for your ears as this is one of the first places you can tell from whether you’ll have a liver spot or not. Ears are also a prime spot for sun damage, especially in men as their hair does not cover and protect the ears as with many women.
  • Liver spots on the back of the arms and legs may develop.

The age old saying of prevention is better than cure definately applies to this condition. You should try to avoid going into the sun for long periods unless it’s absolutely necessary. While spending time outdoors you should apply sunscreen that has protection against both UVA & UVB rays.

One of the best ways to have your liver spots removed for good is to undergo laser treatment. This may be expensive but it is considered permanent and secure with better results than any other kind of treatment. Make sure if you’re opting to go for the laser treatment, ensure that the doctor who’ll be doing the procedure is qualified and has undergone the appropriate training to perform laser treatment.

Some doctors may prescribe bleaching products but with prolonged use these can eventually do more damage to the skin and leave you with a bigger problem than treating liver spots.

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