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Pro’s & Con’s of Bleaching Creams for Liver Spots

Pro’s & Con’s of Bleaching Creams for Liver Spots

Bleaching creams are often used to fade liver spots that develop from genetic factors and excessive exposure of the skin to the sun. It is vital to understand the advantages as well as the possible side effects of using any form of bleaching creams on the body and the more you know the better informed you are for the usage of bleaching creams.  Natural based whitening or fading creams are generally preferred to synthetic or chemically induced creams.

Bleaching creams can help to boost the self esteem of an individual because they gradually fade liver spots making them easier to cover up with makeup. These creams often show some positive signs of effectiveness especially after continuously applying them for between 2-3 weeks. One of the other benefits of using a bleaching cream to fade liver spots is that some can also smooth the skin improving fine lines and wrinkles, giving an all round anti aging benefit.

One of the con’s of bleaching creams for liver spots is the presence of Hydroquinone which is a chemical agent prepared from hydrocarbons. Hydroquinone is thought to be responsible for mutating cells and also pose a potential skin cancer risk on sensitive skin, but to date this had only been confirmed on rats & the risk to humans is still unknown. Most liver spot bleaching creams contain a substantial amount of Hydroquinone in them, hence you need to check the sensitivity of your skin to chemicals of such nature before you use them.

Mercury is another agent found in some bleaching creams. Mercury is a heavy metal which can be life threatening and causes irreversible damage to the skin even when it is present in a minute quantity causing brain , nerve, or kidney damage. Glucocortocosteroids are another chemical agents which are only safe when they are in smaller quantities. They are recommended in very small dosages however when the chemical agents are misused, then conditions such as osteoporosis, acne, muscle weakness, cataracts and some other serious health complications may also set in.

One other negative side effect of using bleaching creams for liver spots is that they may result in the darkening of the skin especially when used beyond the regulated period of usage. The skin may also become thinner with prolonged usage of bleaching creams. Aside from this, bleaching creams for liver spots are often more expensive than natural home remedies.

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