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Removing Age Spots

Removing Age Spots

Everybody can get age spots or liver spots. The skin’s exposure to the sun is one of its underlying factors. But there is no need to worry since cures for age spots are available. There are home treatments as well as professional treatments. You should also be aware of the nature of age spots.

All of us have melanin, the one which is responsible for skin color. Melanin is the skin’s defense against too much ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays destroy skin cells and DNA and this can also be carcinogenic. When the accumulated wasted melanin in skin bundles together, age spots are born.

Consulting a dermatologist is a must to be sure that what you have is age spots, not pre cancerous spots. You can test the following treatments if you are already sure that they are age spots:


•    Mix apple cider vinegar and onion extract, each with proportional amounts. Apply to affected areas with cotton and leave for about half an hour.

•    Aloe vera extract or aloe vera in gel or juice form can also be rubbed or applied directly to the affected areas. Apply them twice a day and leave it on skin to dry for almost an hour.

•    Lemon juice can also ease age spots. Cut a slice of lemon and extract its juice; then apply the extract to age spots. Bear in mind that after the application, going outside is not recommended.

•    You can also use castor grease.

The downside of the treatments mentioned above is that it may not have any effect at all. If you want a quick and effective way to eradicate age spots, you can try the options below.


•    Microdermabrasion/dermabrasion – as its name suggest, this involves abrading the skin or peeling it off for new skin cells to emerge. This is a rather poor choice because of the pain and slow healing time.

•    Chemical peels are the fastest ways to get rid of age spots. Chemical peels use chemicals to remove old skin cells allowing the growth of new skin cells.

•    Although expensive, you can be sure that laser treatments will give you a more lasting result. Laser treatments do not involve cells near the area to be treated. And it is almost painless.

If you already have gone through such procedures and eventually got rid of dark spots, its time to give your skin more concern. As always, avoid too much sun exposure. Apply sunscreen or bring an umbrella when you go out. You won’t want these age spots to come back, do you?

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