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Removing Keratosis Spots

Removing Keratosis Spots

Keratosis spots can have some negative effects on your appearance. When you have too many of these spots on your skin, it can work to affect your self confidence. The skin condition has a way of making the skin look unsightly.  It is however not difficult at all to get rid of the spots from your skin.

Many methods are available out there that you can employ to get rid of keratosis spots from your skin. Some of the methods will be discussed in this write up. You should not expect any of the methods to work miracles. They will not get rid of the skin condition over night; it may take some time before you can ever expect to get any positive result from using any of them.

Topical creams can help

In order to remove keratosis spots from your skin, you can always lay your hands on any of the specially made topical creams out there. You only need to apply the topical cream to the surface of the skin condition and the thing will be taken care of in a matter of days. The topical creams will have bleaching effect on the keratosis spot and the spot will fade away. It is important to properly clean the surface of the keratosis spot before you apply the topical cream.  Applying it up to twice in a day can help to quicken the treatment.

Hydrogen peroxide

Removing keratosis spots is easy with hydrogen peroxide solution. In order to apply this, you can use a cotton ball. Moisten the cotton ball with some water and dip it into the hydrogen peroxide. Roll the soaked cotton ball all over the keratosis spot and you can expect complete removal of the spot within days after you must have started the treatment. It is however very important never to allow the hydrogen peroxide to touch the skin around the keratosis spot due to the burning effect the solution can have on the skin.  You also need to prevent the hydrogen peroxide from evaporating by covering it up with band aid.


Hydrogen peroxide has drying effect on the keratosis, which will form a scab and fall off naturally. The treatment methods itemized above can help remove keratosis spots in a matter of days.  You need to consistently apply them for quick result.

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