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Seborrheic Keratosis Outbreak

Seborrheic Keratosis Outbreak

Seborrheic keratosis is primarily a cosmetic skin concern – it does not lead to cancer at all. If you are already having the fear of getting cancer out of the skin condition, you can lay that fear to rest immediately. In appearance, it looks very annoying. It can make the skin look rather ugly as it forms large brown growths. This is the reason many people search for seborrheic keratosis treatments as soon as they begin to appear on the body.

The appearance of seborrheic keratosis varies. They can sometimes grow very large and there are times they can be small and inconspicuous in size. Keratoses can be referred to as barnacles of old age or senile warts – referencing the fact that they mainly affect the older generation. In appearance, the seborrheic keratosis affects only the surface of the skin. The attachment is made through its center, while the edges remain unattached to the skin. The skin condition does not go deep into the skin at all; it only grows on the surface of the skin which makes it easy to remove a seborrheic keratosis without scarring.

In appearance, the skin condition is often described as looking like a cauliflower, or like a stuck on lump of brown wax. It may grow with a pit in the middle and it usually has a rough surface as it grows older on the skin. In appearance, it can looks like warts, but it does not contain the HPV virus, which is the distinguishing characteristic of the warts, and keratoses are not contagious. The rough surface appearance is however not a normal characteristic. There are times that the skin condition will come with smooth surface.

At a younger age, the skin condition does not itch. But as the bearer gets older, some itching may be experienced. The itching can be so frustrating to the extent that any affected person may be forced to scratch it. When you do this, the skin condition will get irritated. Bleeding may occur and the whole thing will get more complicated.

When you have a seborrheic keratosis outbreak – meaning many keratoses forming at the same time there may be a medical reason. You may decide to leave it alone; especially if it is not present on conspicuous parts of the skin. It is true that the skin condition may get larger, but it will never have any negative medical effect on your skin.

One of the reasons why many people want to get rid of seborrheic keratosis is because of its itchy nature. An itchy seborrheic keratosis can make it difficult for you to put on clothing and jewelry; these will always irritate it and cause even more itching.

You can use hydrogen peroxide to treat a seborrheic keratosis outbreak on your skin. The H2O2 will dry out the keratoses forming a scab which will fall off naturally.

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