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The Effectiveness Of Herbs In Treating Age Spots

The Effectiveness Of Herbs In Treating Age Spots

The inevitable process of aging is associated with the appearance of brownish, grayish or even blackish spots on facial or body skin called age spots, which are also usually known as liver spots. Even though ages spots commonly involve adults older than forty, some younger people also get liver spots due to overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays – another cause of age spots. Whichever the cause may be, concerned individuals consider these blemishes as nothing but a complete disfigurement of their physical appearance. Aside from the unsightly appearance it brings to the skin it also usually causes emotional discomfort – making aversion of these spots acceptable. Numerous age spot removal treatments are already available, but in this article, we’ll discuss the possibility of a more natural herbal treatment for this medical condition.

Let me first ask you this question: what exactly causes age spots? Even without injury or trauma, the skin undergoes a process of constantly removing dead skin cells and uncovering newer skin cells. Due to aging which results in a decrease in the skin’s ability to undergo this process, the deterioration of the skin becomes more prevailing than its regeneration. If this happens, should you ever get your skin damaged even a little, it takes a long time for the skin to recover, and so age spots form.

How then will we address this problem if the cause is an alteration in our body’s physiologic performance? By revitalizing the body’s regular mechanisms, and boosting them to a level where the skin regeneration rate normalizes. As a result, we need to determine the herbs that can perform these effects on the body: invigoration and boosting of the body systems particularly by reinforcing the flow of blood in the body and by improving the rate by which skin cells are repaired and renewed.

The red clover, a herb that has several traditional uses, is found to help eliminate the presence of age spots. This is because the red clover is widely believed to have a diuretic property on the blood, or the ability to be able to remove or dump excess fluid. So, it is usually used in combination with other medicine to help improve blood circulation, and in effect revitalize the body.

Likewise, the burdock plant, other than excreting toxins from the body, is a herb that has the ability to cause diuresis. But even if this herb enhances the blood flow probably even better than the red clover, it is still advised to combine it with other medicines for the removal of age spots.

Unlike the two previously mentioned herbs, the milk thistle has a quite different function. Unlike the two diuretic plants which improve the blood circulation, the milk thistle’s function is to take care of the liver and improve its function with the use of silymarin. And it is common knowledge that the liver is one of the most important organs of the body especially due to its metabolism function. If we can improve a person’s metabolism, then the rate at which the body works itself would improve, thus revitalizing it and giving proper opportunity for the age spot to heal eventually.

Just one important reminder; you can’t expect instant results in your age spots when ingesting these herbs, even for a considerable amount of time. This is because, to emphasize, these herbs effects are indirect – treating the hidden causes first. Also, the process takes a very slow climb to make your body get used to such boost, so do not expect herbs to make any change in your age spots for a long time.

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