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Treatment Options For Liver Spots

Treatment Options For Liver Spots

Liver Spots, which are usually painless flat, brown spots of pigmentation, have several available treatments for affected individuals to choose from. Some examples include use of chemical peels, cryosurgery, laser treatments, creams, skin lighteners, etc.

There are also a number of skin lighteners available for treating liver spots. Liver spots disappear and the skin returns back to normal and appears even better in a few weeks after applying the best skin lighteners.

However, you should be very careful when using skin lightener products. Make sure you only apply on the affected areas, because the bleach has mutual impact on good and bad skin.

In addition to that, chemical peels are valuable treatment options for liver spots, particularly Lactic acid peels. They get deeper into the skin, thus enhancing new collagen development. This helps to thicken and tighten the older skin which was overwhelmed by liver spots.  Lactic acid also pulls moisture from the air into the skin as well and fades the pigmentation.

Before using the chemical peels, test them for any side effects on any part of the skin, and then apply the peel after 24 hours. After that, apply the lactic acid peel on a weekly basis to successfully treat the pigmentation with little or no irritation.

Using Cryosurgery procedures also perfectly destroys and removes the abnormal skin cells. It involves freezing the liver spots by spraying with extremely cold liquid nitrogen on the affected sites. The spots will then turn white and fall off after some time.

Laser treatments, on the other hand, ensure extensive healing within short duration. Liver spots are resurfaced with various types of laser treatment. Some use carbon dioxide laser for efficient resurfacing of the skin, thus a smoother skin with normal color that match with the rest part of the body in few weeks.

Finally, embracing microdermabrasion technique and devices gives the skin a diminished appearance of liver spots. Crystals are passed across the skin with suction devices at high speed.  This rejuvenates the top layer of the skin helping to exfoliate the skin and getting rid of dead cells. As result, the dark pigmentation caused by liver spots improves hence skin discoloration.

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