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Treatments For Hyperpigmentation

Treatments For Hyperpigmentation

Hyper-pigmentation is a very common skin condition especially in those areas where the climate is very hot and the humidity level is very low. In this disease, skin gets damage by the harmful ultraviolet suns rays.  If we don’t take care, these damaged skin cells start changing their color. As a result your skin gets different patches of black or brown pigmentation all around your body, especially on the face. Pigmentation on the face can be equally as aging to the appearance as wrinkles.

But you don’t need to worry as there are a number of treatments to cure hyperpigmentation.  And to cure this disease, you should also know the causes of this disease. Usually hyperpigmentation occurs due to vast exposure to the sun without taking any precautions. Sun rays which are at their peak between 12pm to 4pm are the major causes of skin hyperpigmentation. You can simply avoid these sun rays by always carrying an umbrella with you or by wearing a wide brimmed hat.

Use of different oxides also helps in removing hyperpigmentation. Alpha ultra oxides and beta ultra oxides are good to use. And if you are women and are pregnant, then luckily there is zinc oxide which is safe to use even in pregnancy. But sometimes these oxides may trouble so you should be careful about using them. Pigmentation can sometimes be caused by pregnancy related hormones and this condition is called melasma, chloasma or the pregnancy mask. It is advisable to wait until a few months after giving birth and the condition may disappear of its own accord if pregnancy was the cause. As you apply these oxides only on the darker patches of your skin. In case of touching it on normal skin, the color of normal skin gets white too. Similarly never combine two oxides to remove hyperpigmentation. In this way, hyper pigmentation spots vanish earlier, but there is always a risk of skin cancer.

A cheap but efficient and reliable home treatment for hyperpigmentation is the use of cucumber oil mixed with honey and aloe vera fresh juice. Take table two spoons of cucumber oil. Mix it with one tea spoon of honey and two table spoons of aloe vera juice (fresh if possible for best results). Massage this mixture liquid every night before getting into bed. Then early in the morning, wash your face with soft hands. If you have capsules of vitamin E, then add them in mixture too for sooner results.  In case of any dryness, you can also use some moisturizer lotion or crème with the above mentioned mixture.

Similarly other home treatments for hyperpigmentation include drinking plenty of water, washing your face with appropriate face wash twice a day, usage of some vitamins E capsules and eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

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