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Where Do Age Spots Come From & Who Gets Age Spots?

Where Do Age Spots Come From & Who Gets Age Spots?

Age spots are brown spots which appear on the skin as we age. They are not the direct result of age.  Age spots come from skin damage caused by the sun. This damage is avoidable through the use of sunscreen, hats and protective clothing. Persons with lighter skin are more susceptible to brown spots as a result of sun damage. This is because persons with lighter skin have less melanin in their skin. Melanin is a natural protection against sun damage.

Over the years the breakdown of melanin in the skin will show up as brown spots. These age spots are seen more frequently in lighter skinned people however anyone can begin to see the result of sun damage as it manifests in age spots. The face, hands and arms are most susceptible to age spots as these areas are most often left unprotected from the sun and receive the most sun exposure.  There are also natural means available for removing age spots such as applying lemon juice to the age spot twice daily but these methods are rarely effective.

The best way to remove an age spot is to prevent it from ever appearing. Avoid excess sun exposure especially in your vehicle as this is the number one place that sun damage occurs. Vehicle manufacturers do provide a window protection but that protection is only against UVB light. UVB light is the light that causes sunburn; however, the UVA light causes the sun damage that result in age spots and wrinkles. There are protective barriers that can be professionally installed inside the window glass which will additionally create a protection from the damaging UVA light.

Age spots and sun spots are also known as liver spots. The most accurate name for these brown spots is sun spots. Sun spots come from the breaking down of melanin in our skin from the damaging UVA light which is provided by the sun. People who work outdoors, spend many hours in a vehicle, or who enjoy sunbathing are at a much higher risk of experiencing sun spots. A change in lifestyle can greatly reduce the breakdown of melanin in your skin. Future age spots can be avoided and present age spots can be effectively removed by using Ag3derm cream.

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