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Age Related Keratosis

Age Related Keratosis

Keratosis is not an uncommon skin complaint. It can form on various different parts of the body. It has been discovered that the skin condition does not have any preference as far as age is concerned. However, it has been noticed to come up more on the older ones. The number of younger people developing keratosis is few but is on the increase.  As one grows older, one stands a greater chance of having this skin condition.

Its link with the sun

Keratosis has been strongly linked with years of sun exposure. It usually occurs on areas of the body that have been over exposed to the sun. The ultraviolet rays from the sun is able to penetrate into the skin more easily as one grows older. Once the UV gets into the skin, it causes some genetic mutation of the melanocytes in the skin which are responsible for the production of melanin. It will also lead to the excessive production of keratin in the skin. The keratin this produced tends to accumulate in particular areas of the skin, leading to what is called keratosis.

This kind of situation may not really come to pass on a younger person; considering the fact that the skin is still very strong and it is able to resist the penetration of the UV ray and prevent the excessive production of keratin on the skin. Old age has a way of weakening the skin against the invasion of the UV ray and resultant effect is keratosis.

Keratosis Treatment

Several treatment methods are available for the removal of keratosis due to age. A visit to the hospital should help you to get rid of keratosis from your skin. Your dermatologist should know what to do about this skin condition. Simple surgical operation can help to get the accumulated keratin removed from the skin.  Treating the skin condition in the hospital can however be considerably expensive. In case you do not have the money to spare for such treatment, you can always get things done right at home.


There are also some simple home treatment methods that can be used to get rid of the skin condition. You can always get things done without the help of medical expert.  Glycolic acid solution and hydrogen peroxide can be helpful in getting this done. You should however to appropriately mix the solution. You only need to apply the solution directly on the skin condition.

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