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Keratosis Skin Cream

Keratosis Skin Cream

All over the world today, after years of exposing our skin to the harmful rays of the sun, many people and more commonly light skinned individuals suffer from a skin condition known as Keratosis. There are two types of keratosis related to sun exposure, seborrheic keratosis which is harmless & actinic keratosis which is precancerous. Keratoses usually affect people over the age of forty years. A keratosis appears as red, dry, flakey patches or waxy brown growths caused by prolonged and regular exposure of the body to strong sunlight.

Out of the many available precautionary measures and treatments for the latter condition, actinic keratosis skin cream is one of them. Keratosis skin cream is prescribed by a doctor and is used to treat keratosis on all parts of the body, the active ingredient is fluorouracil. The main benefit is that often this cream will replace surgical removal of the precancerous cells which would cause scarring, this is even more beneficial when you have a keratosis on the face. Note that keratosis skin creams should be prescribed to you by a professional doctor after he has established the type of keratosis you are suffering from so as to achieve effective treatment. The keratosis skin cream prescribed to you should be applied twice a day everyday and one should ensure that he/she uses enough amount of the cream so as to cover all keratoses on the body.

Keratosis skin cream, apart from being used as an effective treatment for actinic keratosis to achieve the result desired, it may also have side effects during treatment. Such side effects are: itchy rashes on the body which makes the victim rub the itching part and thus causing discomfort to them, drying and redness of their skin. However, these effects will disappear when the patient discontinues the application of the cream.

Finally, the history of your medical condition is important. Let your doctor be aware of your medical condition before he prescribes a keratosis treatment for you. Such issues such as having allergies to medicine, suffering from kidney and liver problems should be discussed. The patient should also be cautious while using keratosis skin creams. The skin needs to be protected against the sun by the use of protective clothing.

Advice from the doctor is equally important before treating any kind of Keratosis. The doctor diagnoses the type of Keratosis and advice on the best creams to be used. Remember every individual requires different treatment that best suits their needs.

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