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Age Spot or Skin Cancer?

Age Spot or Skin Cancer?

Are you having what is called an age spot? Then you need to handle things carefully before they get out of hand. That simple thing that looks like an ordinary brown spot may actually not be what you think it is. There are times it may be due to some unbecoming health conditions that may end up making things worse for you health wisely. On several occasions, the spot on several individuals has turned out to be actinic keratosis. On several occasions, the actinic keratosis had progressed into cancer of the skin. Therefore, the earlier you take action about the age spot the better for your health.

Right from the moment that you begin to notice the age spot, you should not hesitate to visit your doctor. You as an individual may not be able to differentiate between the one that can lead to cancer and the one that can’t lead to cancer. But your doctor is trained in such things and he can easily identify the difference between the cancerous one and the one that is not.  Do not try any kind of home treatment. Instead, pay a visit to your doctor and have him examine you to detect if the age spot is cancerous or not.

It is not so difficult to identify an age spot that may end up as cancer. It has its own characteristic appearance. Usually, it looks like a scaly patch on the skin. It also looks very rough. After exposing your skin to the sun over a very long period of time, some kind of crusty substance will begin to form on the skin. Some people mistook this for an ordinary age spot. But in actual fact, it may be actinic keratosis, which can lead to cancer of the skin. There are times that sores may also appear around the spot.

When acne persists into adulthood, it tends to cause pigmentation scars where the tissue is damaged and this can be mistaken for age spots. When this happens, it should never be taken for granted since the simple acne may become the dreaded cancerous growth called actinic keratosis; AK for short.

Are you as old as 40 or 50 and you are still having pimples? The earlier you go for medical check up, the better. If not, the simple acne can act as the age spot that ends up as cancer. Timely medical check up will protect you from any possible bitter experience of cancer.

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