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Stucco Keratosis

Stucco Keratosis

Stucco keratosis is a condition whereby some unusual growths form on the skin of an individual, more commonly knows as seborrheic keratosis. This condition is most common with males than in females. It affects the lower extremities of males though sometimes in the upper extremities as well and is most common in the ankles of the older people. Though this keratosis is mostly in men, it is not genetically inherited as one might think.

Stucco keratosis is associated with many lesions on the skin but they do not have symptoms that can be established and so one with this keratosis condition may not out rightly note the lesions as they are mostly unrecognizable. As the condition is rarely noticeable, sometimes it is only noticed by others who have the same ailment. In most cases, this keratosis is noticed at an elderly age when the lesions start giving a clear cut sign on the skin. Stucco keratosis has no particular known cause unlike most keratosis conditions.

Some of the features involved with stucco keratosis include having small lesions, mild growths that resemble skin warts and thickening of the skin is common. Typically, this keratosis is mostly found on the lower extremities of males and in ankles when it comes to older people.

The development of stucco keratosis is mostly associated with sun exposure. On the other hand, friction on the surface may also lead to development of this condition. The surface therefore may have some folds distributed all over, a few with papillae elongations.

With this condition, there is no particular treatment though some experimental measures are still being undertaken by specialists. Though this is the case, there have been some several remedies that are applied for this keratosis condition. To start with, there are some cream products which are applied as immune response modifiers. These creams are not a hundred percent effective in treating stucco keratosis but have proved to bring some changes to the condition.

There are still other procedures in place that aid in reduction of stucco keratosis. These procedures include scrapping the lesion which is an easy to follow procedure as there are minimal chances of bleeding. Other practices like freezing the lesions through cryotherapy also aid in stucco keratosis. Drying the tissues using high electric currents is also applied whereby the application is met through use of electrodes. In addition to these measures, there are some drugs that are recommended for people with this condition. These drugs also minimize stucco keratosis though some may not respond well with some people’s condition.

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