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Age Spots & The Importance Of Sunscreen

Age Spots & The Importance Of Sunscreen

Age Spots & The Importance Of SunscreenContrary to its name, age spots are not always caused by old age but also by exposure of the skin to the rays of sun. It is also caused by poor diet, too much intake of junk foods and sometimes by smoking. Although it is a common disease in their 40’s upwards, young adults that expose their skin to sunlight are likely to get age spots. The tendency of having an age spot is high in fair skinned people than dark skinned as their body produces lesser melanin. Age spots are not permanent; they can be removed without having to go through surgery but it is better to prevent it from even occurring.

Some people like to sunbathe and tan their skin, there is nothing wrong in tanning your skin or sunbathing but it is important to protect your skin against sun damage while sunbathing. There are many ways of preventing age spots like eating a balanced diet, taking fruits like lemon juice and papaya, vegetables like onion juice, vitamins etc, simple and every day home remedies can help fight against age spots. One very important and painless way to protect your skin from sun spots is by using sunscreen. Sunscreen is a substance used on the skin to prevent it from being damaged by the sun. It could be in the form of lotion, cream, gel, oil or spray; it is applied on the skin to prevent the skin from getting sun spots due to the long hours the skin is exposed to the sun. There are two types of sunscreen: one stays one the top layer of skin, acting as a blockage to sun rays and the other goes into the innermost layer of skin to absorb sun rays, they are measured with sun protection factor which helps to know how effective a particular sunscreen is. Technically, the use of sunscreen prevents ultraviolet rays and UVB rays from getting to the skin and causing sun spots and age spots, it can also help fight against skin cancer and prevent the skin from dehydrating. Apply sunscreen daily and regularly before going outside, wear long sleeved shirts, hats and sunglasses when you stay out for long. Between the hours of 10am and 4pm, the sun is usually very hot and harsh on the skin, always try not to stay out too long between these hours to prevent age spots, sunscreens works better if the skin is not overly tanned. So no matter the age, it is important to apply sunscreen regularly.

There are different types of sunscreen for different skin types, always go for the ones with natural components and see a dermatologist for guide and advice on how to use sunscreen.

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