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Cost Of Age Spots Treatment

Cost Of Age Spots Treatment

Age spots which can also be called sun damage or solar lentigines are ugly brown patches on the skin that has been exposed to sun for too long. They are usually flat, small and oval in shape and dark or light brown or red in color. Age spot is mostly common in adults but young ones who sunbathe regularly can also get age spots which means that an age spot does not only occur because of old age but also sun damage. Age spots can also be gotten from cream, cosmetics and the tanning beds and lamps.Cost Of Age Spots Treatment

Age spots treatments are not expensive. They are actually cheap and easy to get. From natural methods to chemical and medical methods. The natural way of treating and preventing age spots first and foremost is to avoid the sun as much as you can. Although the sun gives vitamin D, it increases the body production of melanin which is responsible for the color of the skin. The melanin that is produced does not spread evenly but clots in one place which will cause ugly brown patches on the skin. Another way is to cover your body well by wearing long sleeves and high necked dresses. Also, simple remedies like daily application of vinegar and onions juice can be used. Age spots can be removed chemically by using bleaching creams or lotions and oils that best suits your skin. These creams are effective and quite affordable to buy.

In treating age spots medically, it must first be examined by a skin doctor who will then tell you if it is actually an age spot or a skin disease, and depending on your skin type, will give you prescriptions. Follow the doctor’s prescription diligently and in sooner than you think, the spots will be gone!

So, don’t worry about the size of your pocket! If you have age spots, go for any method that best suits you and your pocket. Which ever method you chose, one thing is sure; your age spots will be permanently removed.

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