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Are Age Spots Covered By Health Insurance?

Are Age Spots Covered By Health Insurance?

Are Age Spots Covered By Health Insurance?Age spots or liver spots or sun spots or sun damage are a type of skin disease cause by a long term exposure of the skin to the sun. It is commonly seen in adults in their 40’s because the melanin production of the body reduces as you age. Light skinned people have a higher tendency of getting age spots than dark skinned people as fair skinned people produce lesser melanin pigments which is responsible for the color of the skin. Age spots are not harmful or painful so there is really no cause for alarm! It is not only caused by old age but also by wrong use of cosmetics and staying out in the sun for too long therefore age spots is not only peculiar to old people but young people too. They are flat and small in shape, black, brown or dark red in color, can be seen on the back of the hands, forearms, legs, neck, shoulders, face, chest and even on the head.

There are many ways to remove age spots as they are not permanent. Starting from an every day home treatment like using honey and yoghurt, Aloe Vera juice, mixing vinegar with onions juice, applying lemon juice which has a lightening ingredients in it; to using creams and lotions, there are several fade or bleaching creams available to lighten age spots, you have to ensure that you are using the right cream for your skin type so that you do not cause more damage to an already damaged skin, and to undergoing a surgery which is usually rare in most cases as age spots are not harmful. Protecting yourself and preventing age spots from occurring by wearing clothes that cover your body, wearing hats and sunglasses when going outside, eating a balanced diet on a regular basis, taking fruits and vitamins or its supplements is better than curing it. Daily use and application of sunscreen lotions can help to prevent age spots. An effective sunscreen is usually measured by sun protection factor which usually rates from 15 – 50, just like fade creams, there are equally different types of sunscreens, they come in different packaging, it can be in form of body lotion or cream, gel, oil or even spray.

Age spots are caused by aging, too much sun on the skin, poor diet, wrong use of cosmetics, etc, it is not covered by your health insurance however if treated and symptoms and sighs still persists please go see a skin doctor who will examine it, advice and guide you. Your dermatologist can also tell you how to go about getting your health insurance to cover age spots treatment if it is necessary.

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Are Age Spots Covered By Health Insurance?

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