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An Overview Of A Keratosis Biopsy

An Overview Of A Keratosis Biopsy

Actinic Keratosis is the skin condition that is most likely to require a skin biopsy. This is because of its likelihood to develop into a cancer hence there will be a need to constantly analyze the behavior of the skin and how it is responding to treatment. The skin condition can either get better or get worse hence the need to constantly analyze it. The medical expert will generally make a diagnosis based on the appearance of your skin growth. With a simple skin biopsy, they will eventually be able to identify any cancerous changes, if any.

Should the medical professional you are seeing recommend a skin lesion biopsy to diagnose your Keratosis condition, there should be no need to worry. The biopsy will only involve the removal of a piece of skin for various lab tests. Should the medical practitioner recommend you for a biopsy, there should actually be a reason to be slightly pleased. This is because biopsies are performed for the sole purpose of affirming certainty that the Keratosis skin condition has completely been eradicated. After thorough treatment, the condition may not be visible to the naked eye and that is why a biopsy may be scheduled so that they can check the skin sample under the various lab equipments available so as to ascertain this.

For Keratosis, especially actinic keratosis, biopsies are very important. This is because when treating Keratosis, you will find that your skin can actually respond well to the treatment and the bumps on the skin may slowly begin to disappear. With further use, they might even disappear completely. However, it has been noted that should you discontinue the Keratosis treatment you were using, the bumps will again begin to re-appear. That is why it is advisable not to begin celebrating once you realize the bumps disappearing. Your joy may end up being short lived when they re-appear again.

A Keratosis biopsy is actually a simple test to perform as it involves a small skin sample of the affected area. In most cases, you will receive your results within a short period of time with recommendations from the doctor on how to move on so as to avoid re-appearance of the unattractive bumps. On the other hand, a biopsy may be recommended should the doctor detect signs of another disorder coming up. The most likely suspect is usually skin cancer, fungal or bacterial skin infections, benign growths or any other skin condition.

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