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Causes Of Hyper Pigmentation

Causes Of Hyper Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is a skin darkening disease in which patches of the skin become darker in tone than others. Usually it happens after the age of 40. But now it’s also causing troubles in early ages and in children. To fully understand the causes of hyperpigmentation, you must know about the melanin which is a skin component which gives your skin typical natural color .there may be several causes regarding this disease some of which are discussed here in this article.

UV radiation is one of the prevalent causes of hyper pigmentation. You can’t feel it happening but UV rays stimulat skin cells, called melanocytes to increase melanin. As more melanin is produced, skin gets darker and darker resulting in hyperpigmentation. It is the major cause of hyperpigmentation in elderly people. Their skin produces more amount of melanin. This in turn results in hyper pigmentation like age spots and liver spots.

Inflammation is another common cause of hyper pigmentation. It usually occurs when your skin gets scratched or gets wounded. Sometimes during the healing process of injured part, causes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As a result the area around the injury gets darker in color; and if precautions are not followed, it becomes permanently a skin hyper pigmentation.

Some people have naturally more sensitive skin and gets involved in hyper pigmentation, especially people with darker skin or oily skin. People living in hot climate areas are also more sensitive to develop hyperpigmentation. There skin has minimum resistance to produce peels, colored dots and skin patches.

A change in hormones is also a common cause of hyper pigmentation. Especially in women, during their monthly periods or in their pregnancy, they go for a disorder in their hormones. Melasma, a type of hyper pigmentation, usually occurs to pregnant women and it occurs due to hormones change. Like post inflammatory, Melasma is more likely to affect people with darker or oily skin. Taking of birth control pills or sleeping pills also causes Melasma.

Some forms of hyperpigmentation may be results of some acne problem or some other disease. Successive skin surgeries or operations of the same body part may also leads to skin hyper pigmentation. Similarly sometimes heavy usage of drugs also causes hyper pigmentation.

Metabolic disorder, some gastro disease or due to some vitamins deficiencies may also be a minor cause of hyper pigmentation.

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