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Avoiding & Treating Liver Spots

Avoiding & Treating Liver Spots

The main reasons why people suffer from liver spots is because they do not have adequate knowledge of how liver spots work and develop. Most people do know that most cases of liver spots result from excessive exposure of the body to the sun. Most people are also concerned with liver spots on their face and care less about the possibilities of such spots appearing in other places like shoulders , chest, and even legs. It is ideal to deal with liver spots based on the fact that it can appear anywhere on the body. If you protect your face , chest and hands only , then you should be prepared to have liver spots forming on your hands, or even legs if such places are not protected from excessive sun exposure.

Don’t be fooled by some saying that all liver spots cannot become cancerous, some liver spots can become blotchy in nature and turn cancerous. Melanocytes cells are often sensitive to UV rays and they often increase the formation of melanin on the skin when UV rays become very intense and damaging in nature. Light complexion individuals will have more chances of developing liver spots than dark skinned individuals, but both dark and light skin individuals who expose their skin to excessive UV rays can suffer the same degree of liver spot disorder depending on the sensitivity of their different skins.

It is ideal to understand the different options of liver spot removal strategies in order to deal with the situation. Chemical peels are not as sensitive as laser treatments but chemical peels can pose some serious dangers to the skin which laser treatments do not pose. You should keep in mind that laser treatments are more expensive than most chemical peels, however you can use bleaching creams rather than chemical peels to reduce your chances of developing irreversible scarring problems.

Bleaching creams such as alpha-Hydroxyl and Retin A are good bleaching creams which can be used in place of Hydroquinone which can cause more harm on sensitive skin types. You must be careful when using different products for your liver spot treatment because exposure to sunlight may make your skin become more sensitive and may also aggravate your skin conditions. Once you have treated your skin from liver spots, make sure you take up some protective measures to sustain such treatments, protect your skin from excessive sunlight and reduce your tanning sessions significantly.

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