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Cure Liver Spots Naturally

Cure Liver Spots Naturally

As soon as you notice brown liver spots either on your chest, face or hands, the first thing that would come in your mind would be to try and get rid of them. Though the spots may not necessarily cause any harm to your health the fact is that they are unsightly and aging to the appearance. There are certain strategies that one can use in order to fade liver spots away. The range is diverse and one can use expensive methods that have got serious side effects on the skin. The option to cure liver spots naturally would be the most ideal.

Laser treatment produces very quick results but one requires to have enough disposable income to spend. You may have opted for creams that have had a bad effect on your skin. The natural approach is the safest way of getting rid of liver spots in the most gentle and natural way. The following products can be used to remove liver spots.

• Lemon juice
• Extrapone nutgrass
• Shea butter
• Active manuka honey
• Vitamin E oil

Apply lemon juice or juice extracted from aloe vera directly on the age spots two times a day. You should not expect instant results since the effort to cure liver spots naturally will require quite a bit of patience.

You can also use the lightening creams mixed with shea butter that will provide effective moisture that will make the spots fade off easily. Extrapone nutgrass is also very effective when it comes to fading liver spots. The advantage of thid plant is that it does not cause irritation on the skin. The natural vitamin E will assist to fade the discolorasions fo the skin since they are able to provide strong anti oxidants that slow down the aging process.

There are other approaches that can be used to protect the skin against liver spots. A good example is the use of a skin care product that comprises of manuka honey. This honey comes from New Zealand and is highly respected for its anti-bacterial properties which makes it very easy to fight off signs of aging.

Once you have been able to add on to your body’s ability to come up with vital protein collagen, effects such as aging and wrinkling of the skin will be slowed down. The approaches to cure liver spots naturally require patience and consistency in order to yield any positive results.

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