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Facial Age Spot Removal

Facial Age Spot Removal

An age spot is also called a sun spot or solar lentigo and are formed when the skin has been overexposed to the sun. These spots mostly appear on the skin as a person ages. They are not aesthetically appealing and hence they cause a lot of people to seek treatment that can reduce their appearance or get rid of them completely. Most of these age spots appear on the face, hands and arms. There are a number of options available when it comes to treating age spots, however not all of them may be preferable depending on the location of the age spot. For instance, an age spot on the face, a lot of people would want to get rid of them much quicker and there are suitable ways of doing this.

  • Make use of over the counter treatment. You can find out from your local pharmacy if they offer age spot treatment. Most of the treatment offered will contain hydroquinone which is a very effective ingredient when it comes to treating age spot. Most over the counter drugs contain only 2% of hydroquinone as the law requires it. This can be applied to the affected areas both in the morning and in the evening. Over time, it will be noted that the appearance of the spots has improved.
  • If you note that the over the counter drugs are not working, you can talk to your dermatologist about getting creams that contain retinoids. Retinoids are another effective ingredient when it comes to fading age spots. Some of these retinoids work by inducing skin exfoliation and this exposes fresh skin cells.
  • Chemical peels are another option when it comes to facial age spot removal. They work by applying acid to the area with the age spot then neutralizing it after a certain duration of time has passed. They burn away the extra melanin on the skin and peel it off. This gives new skin cells the chance of developing.
  • Laser therapy is one other option that can be used to treat a facial age spot. In this treatment lasers are used to burn away the layer of skin with the age spot, thus removing it. This method can be used for an age spot that is either mild or severe.
  • Cyrotherapy is relatively new and unknown to a majority of the population. It involves the age spot being frozen using extreme temperatures. This promotes the skin to repair itself.

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