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Frictional Keratosis

Frictional Keratosis

Frictional keratosis is among the many different keratosis conditions. This occurs mostly in the mouth area. It occurs as a white patch in the mouth. In most cases, oral frictional keratosis appears as a thin line that is white in color across the cheek opposite the meeting point of the teeth. Its appearance can also be in form of a distinct patch that is also white in color in any part in the mouth. Frictional keratosis is mostly associated with the gum and the cheek.

The white patch that is the greatest sign of oral frictional keratosis is caused by the constant friction on the soft tissues in the mouth. This friction mostly is from the teeth and dentures. This causes irritation to the gum and cheek in the mouth. The whiteness is as a result of more cells being set by the body as it reacts to the irritation caused by friction. These white patches in the mouth only disappear when the source of friction is removed. Apart from altering the beauty of the mouth, this white patch has no problems associated with it.

External factors that mostly cause frictional keratosis are through smoking though that occurs mostly in lips. The mostly associated symptoms of this condition include the hyperkeratosis and porokeratosis that appear and can be seen.

The treatment for frictional keratosis is a simple procedure by itself. This involves removal of the agent that causes irritation on the cheeks, lips and gum. When this is done, the lesion takes less time to disappear completely. The removal of the irritant causing agent should be done in the early stages of the frictional keratosis to achieve a fast and effective cure.

Frictional keratosis can also be avoided in a number of ways. These ways include regulated or decreased smoking of cigarettes as it is a major contributor and cause of frictional keratosis. Another way to prevent frictional keratosis is through ensuring that the buccal cavity is kept free from germs and bacteria, as their buildup cause the white lesions that are mostly associated with this kind of keratosis. Keeping the buccal cavity free from germs and bacteria can be achieved through having regular checkups with dentists and health professionals or simply by keeping the cavity clean.

Such keratosis conditions as oral frictional keratosis do not affect one’s health to a great extent. Nonetheless, this condition should be treated during its initial stages to achieve best results.

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