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Keratosis Myths

Keratosis Myths

How do you value your skin? You may have previously taken your healthy skin for granted until you get to notice some abnormalities in it. You are confused what are they and just think that they are just some growths which disappear on their own like pimples. Given that they disappear for some time, yet you are now bothered because they reoccur once again. And what seemed to be pimples at first have quickly aggravated into more serious skin lesions.

True, only a few take immediate action to understand what is happening to their skin. The majority undermine the importance of skin care. Without proper care and with constant sun exposure, they are prone to developing a condition called keratosis. Generally, they are mistakenly diagnosed as warts, acne or pimples. Granted, some growths may look like them, but you may be surprised to know that even skin cancers look like them. Therefore, if you are unsure of these growths, the first thing you should do is have doctors check them.

Physician’s diagnosis is vital in figuring out issues concerning the occurrence of these growths. They usually do thorough examination which determines their condition and suggest treatment to keep them from aggravating. This is important because there are plenty of myths about the occurrence of keratosis and without any proper medication; it puts your life in danger. Consider some popular myths about keratosis.

Tanning is becoming popular nowadays. They are normally done under the sun especially during summer time. Yet, experts warn the dangers of staying out under the sun for long hour which is why commercial tanning procedure did by cosmetic surgeons on their laboratory is preferred as it was believed to be safe from skin damaged. Study shows that tanning for 20 minutes in tanning bed is about equivalent to exposing the sun in four hours. UV radiation being emitted by these tanning beds enters more deeply onto the skins which causes cancer on the skin and restrain the immune system.

Many believe that keratosis is curable. For keratosis pilaris, it is not. The cause is believed to be hereditary but methods can be found to lessen the symptoms and make the condition bearable to live with. In fact, it resembles acne but this condition has no cure at all in which proper treatment effectively managed their existence.

Due to their rash like appearance, many believe that it is contagious. Well, they are not. However, they can be inherited but are not contagious. Extreme sunlight exposure is the foremost responsible of their development.

Do not allow yourself to be deceived by those myths. If you are in doubt, dermatologist is the right person you can ask with regards to your skin condition.

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