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Keratosis & The Sun

Keratosis & The Sun

An overview of Keratosis complications and the effect of sunlight

Despite this being the twenty first century, there is still no cure for Keratosis. Neither is there a sort of miracle pill or a universally effective treatment method available. However, there are some very effective methods that can completely suppress this skin condition. There is a catch though, as you have to constantly use your desired treatment method and a discontinuation of using the medication will result in the re-appearance of Keratosis. There are also some known cases where the condition clears completely without any treatment. It all depends on your overall body and skin composition.

There are very little complications regarding Keratosis, if any. This is because it is merely a cosmetic skin condition that discolors the skin and does not hurt or itch. The bumps will usually have a different color from the usual skin color. It is advisable to avoid the use of overly aggressive treatment methods or even scrubbing or scratching of the bumps so as to avoid permanent scarring.

There is a kind of Keratosis called Actinic Keratosis which is precancerous. It is believed to carry a risk of about seven percent of developing into a type of cancer called melanoma skin cancer. That is why medical experts recommend for an early removal of Keratosis so as to prevent it from developing into a cancer. There is also a strong emphasis on avoiding the sun. Keeping the affected area away from sunlight is actually a treatment method for Keratosis.  Sometimes, a complete avoidance of the sun can result to a gradual fading away of the Keratoses.

The rough skin patches which can at times become a nuisance can be well managed with the use of prescription creams which can be diagnosed by a surgeon or a doctor. With constant application, especially during the early stages of the appearance of Keratosis, you will find the creams to be very effective. You can comfortably get rid of these unsightly and uncomfortable rough patches of skin and kill two birds with one stone as you will also get rid of the risk of developing skin cancer. Once you are successful in suppressing Keratosis, it is advisable to avoid excess exposure to direct sunlight as this can eventually result in the re-appearance of the bumps that you worked so hard to get rid off. This could actually mean that you end up avoiding leisure practices such as sunbathing.

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