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Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Treatment

Skin pigmentation occurs mainly in women, it is when the skin gets covered by blemishes, spots or patches hence it gets darker in some areas and lighter in others. These blemishes are caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Melanin is a pigment that is produced by the skin to guard it against the harsh ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

However, in some cases pigmentation is caused by genetics when it can be linked to the relatives of the affected person. Also, deficiency in vitamins A and C makes our skins tend to become weaker and more vulnerable, hence also causing skin pigmentation.

There are several ways of treating skin pigmentation but the first step that anyone should take is preventing more exposure of the skin to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. This includes the use of sunscreen where exposure is anticipated and hats to cover the head.

One of the many methods of treating pigmentation is the use of laser pigmentation treatment. This method is among the best known methods of treating skin pigmentation problems. This is so because when it comes to this method of skin pigmentation treatment, the chances of success are almost 100% if done by a trained and qualified specialist.

Another advantage is that the results obtained are very impressive. The skin pigmentation is gotten rid of completely and the skin comes back to normal.

In laser pigmentation treatment, laser energy is sent to the skin. This stimulates collagen production and removal of the epidermis hence improving the discoloration. This treatment can be painful and hence uncomfortable but the use of anesthetic cream makes the treatment more bearable.

Laser pigmentation treatment can cause the skin to become red for some days but this should not be a cause for alarm as the red color should vanish after a short period of time. After undergoing laser treatment for pigmentation, the doctor can prescribe come creams to be applied to the skin. These creams are for evening out the skin tone since it may be affected negatively by the laser pigmentation treatment hence the need to restore it to where it was.

It is very important to note that treatment should be done only by a qualified specialist. The results can be catastrophic when it is done by an amateur.

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