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Pigmentation Spots

Pigmentation Spots

Skin pigmentation spots are formed where the skin gets covered by small blemishes or patches hence it gets darker in some areas and lighter in others. These blemishes are caused mainly by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Melanin is a pigment that is produced by the skin to guard it against the harsh ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

When the skin is overexposed to the sun, a lot of melanin is produced for protection. As the skin ages, the melanin produced tends to stick together causing pigmentation, also called age spots, liver spots or sun spots.

However, in some cases skin pigmentation spots are caused by genetics when they are linked to the relatives of the affected person. Also, deficiency in vitamins A and C makes our skins tend to become weaker and more vulnerable, hence also causing skin pigmentation.

There are several ways of treating skin pigmentation but the first step that anyone should take in treating brown spots is preventing more exposure of the skin to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. This includes the use of sunscreen where exposure is anticipated and hats together with other protective clothing to cover the head and other body parts that could be exposed.

There are quite a number of home remedies for pigmentation spots that are cheap and easy to use unlike complex medical methods. Though they may not work as fast as these medical methods they are safe since they have no side effects.

The first home remedy for skin pigmentation is aloe vera. The plant has a gel in the leaves that lightens the skin and blends it with other parts of the skin. If the plant is not available, the extracted gel can be obtained from the pharmacies and it has the same effect.

The raw aloe vera gel is applied to the pigments on the skin and left there for about 30 to 60 minutes then it is rinsed with cold or warm water. Alternatively, a thin layer of it can be applied and left overnight to be washed off in the morning.

Another home remedy to skin pigmentation is lemon juice. This juice is applied to the affected areas using a cotton ball daily and washed off after about 20 minutes. It can be applied two times a day for faster results.

The vitamin C present in the juice sterilizes the affected area and lightens it to blend with the other parts of the skin. This juice makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight so when used, the use of sunscreen must be emphasized.

The complex medical methods of treating skin pigmentation include the use of laser treatment and use of liquid nitrogen among others. The laser treatment is more expensive than most of the rest but the results are worthwhile.

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