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Age and Liver Spots

Age and Liver Spots

Age and liver spots go together. Brown age spots of pigmentation are more commonly known as liver spots. These brown spots are referred to as age spots because they affect aging people. As one gets older he/she is more likely to have liver spots. Combining the age factor and excess exposure to direct sunlight makes liver spots even more likely.

It is important to know that liver spots are not caused by age or by liver problems. As a matter of fact, age and liver problems do not cause liver spots: the sun’s rays do. The sun produces ultraviolet rays which are harmful to the skin and in the event of continuous exposure one acquires liver spots later in life. Liver spots come with age and this is perhaps due to the fact that the aged peoples’ skin tend to have the highest level of accumulated exposure to the sun’s rays. The diagnosis for liver spots is mostly based on the color of the spots that appear on the surface of the skin. Any changes to your skin should always be checked, if you develop a mark on your skin that is irregular in shape, grows in size, changes in color or is itchy or bleeds you must ask a dermatologist to have a look, as often these are the symptoms of a precancerous skin lesion.  That is why in determining whether it is cancer or a liver spot, the person’s age is considered.

This is not to say that the older members of the society should give up on the cosmetic aspect of their skin. Liver spots can be removed with relative ease. As you age and liver spots appear, it is better to seek treatment before they become difficult to get rid of. With the help of a specialist in skin care or a dermatologist, an effective better treatment should be administered to the affected areas and possible preventive measures taken. It would be strenuous to get rid of them independently at an old age and liver spots appear again because of failure to take preventive measures.

Analysts generally advise that by the time one gets to the age of 40, they should begin to take good care of their skins by ensuring less exposure to sunlight and through an increased intake of relevant vitamins such as vitamin E. When potentially addictive habits such as sunbathing are to be engaged in, one must always remember to apply the recommended creams to avoid the penetration of the sun’s rays to the delicate layers of the skin. Liver spots can be avoided and since their prevention methods are known, people are better off keeping it off their skins.

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