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Liver Spots Removal 2011

Liver Spots Removal 2011

The increase in cases of liver spots is perhaps due to the manifestation of the harmful human activity that has led to the degradation of the natural environment. The atmosphere has traditionally had mechanisms to prevent the penetration of excessive harmful rays from the sun through the infamous ozone layer. With the industrial revolution, the release of various gases and chemicals into the atmosphere steadily depleted this protective layer. The effects of this destruction are being felt to date.

Cases of liver spots in 2011 are at an all-time high. Statistics indicate that the ultra violet rays from the sun are reaching the earth’s surface in magnitudes that are too high for comfort and it is these rays that make sunlight a causative factor for liver spots. However, it may also be noted that the industrial revolution and the resultant explosion of technical knowhow has been instrumental in solving many of the resultant health issues. Besides, several avenues exist on the prevention of liver spots. For instance, the use of healthier feeding habits where the intake of relevant vitamins is boosted could substantially make the skin more resistant to the liver spots. In this day and age, there is plenty of information on how this condition can be prevented and it is unfortunate that many wait until they have the condition before they contemplate on taking good care of their skins. As a matter of fact, surveys conducted on persons with liver spots indicate that at least 70% of the patients were aware of the condition, its causative factors and how to prevent it.

It would therefore appear that the campaigns geared at educating the public to avoid liver spots have largely been ineffective. Information on the skin condition is readily available with more people knowledgeable about the liver spots than before. However, this knowledge has not translated into any significant reduction of the cases of the skin condition. This may strongly imply that the recommended preventive measures touch on already adopted lifestyles which may not be easily changed. For instance, it is unlikely that people who enjoy the warm rays of the sun would avoid the pleasurable experiences just because they fear acquiring liver spots. Similarly, eating habits are not easily changed and those already in love with fatty foods may not easily give them up just because they wish for healthier skin. From the findings, it would appear that this skin condition will continue to be prevalent for a long time before it is significantly reduced.

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