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What Causes Liver Spots?

What Causes Liver Spots?

There are many studies that have been conducted to ascertain the exact causes of liver spots. Studies have shown that these small brown spots of pigmentation occur as a result of excessive exposure to the sun. Liver spots are synonymous to age spots. Traditionally, people used to refer to liver spots as age spots: but with language revolution, they have been renamed to liver spots. However this does not mean that the cause of liver spots has anything to do with the liver. Scientifically the right term would be “solar lentigines” with the word solar meaning the sun, hence their alternative name – sun spots.

Hereditary predisposition is also a determinant into the causes of liver spots. If in your family someone had suffered from liver spots then you would be more likely to develop liver spots later in life than those without a history of liver spots in their family. Climatic conditions are also believed to cause the skin condition even though the connection is yet to be proved conclusively. It has been a general trend that where there is plenty of sunlight, many more cases of liver spots are reported and this forms the basis of the advice for people to avoid the direct rays of the sun, or at least wear a high SPF or even sun block.

It has also been observed that persons with white skins are more at risk of getting liver spots than those with dark skin. Scientifically, the reason for this is that our skin develops melanin as a natural form of defense against the sun. Those with darker skin have more melanin, and therefore more natural protection. Those of us with paler skin (and less melanin) are more at risk of the sun damaging our skin so we should cover up more and use higher SPF.  For the growing and upcoming youth it is advisable to look out for the causes of liver spots to be able to avoid suffering from the same skin condition when they reach the risky age brackets. Most information offer natural and safe remedies for liver spots removal with scientists maintaining that the avoidance of the sun’s rays could substantially lower the risk.

As the world is becoming a much smaller place in terms of the world wide web, information on the causes of liver spots can be accessed on the internet with remarkable ease and convenience. Many experts from various parts of the world provide different versions of what causes liver spots. Besides determining what causes liver spots, they have also provided us with methods of treating liver spots and how best these treatments work. Hence if you are from the far east you can still get information on what causes liver spots from someone in the far west. This availability of information has proven invaluable in the campaign against the skin condition, and our knowledge of how to deal with it.

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