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Liver Spots – Things To Avoid

Liver Spots – Things To Avoid

Liver spots are dark spots (also called age spots) on the skin ranging from light brown to red or black. They are caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and not problems of the liver as earlier beliefs indicate. They mainly occur on adults aged above forty since their skin has been exposed to sunlight over a long period of time and are more prominent on fair-skinned people. They have however been known to hinder detection of cancerous cells in some instances and therefore individuals with the liver spots should have them checked so as not to confuse them with other ailments. Liver spots are however harmless and cause no pain to individuals.

The liver spots though harmless can cause a lot of distress to individuals who see them as unpleasant to observe on ones skin.  However, there are a few guidelines on what to avoid in order to keep your skin blemish free. You should as much as possible avoid basking in the sun between 12pm and 3pm since during these hours the sun is quite intense. This intense sunlight leads to the formation of the liver spots.

One should also avoid wearing short sleeved clothes that leave a lot of the skin exposed to direct sunlight. Instead one should wear long sleeved clothes and hats whenever they are outdoors. One should also avoid foods with concentrated sugars i.e.  Junk food.  One should also avoid caffeine alcohol and tobacco. These foods accelerate formation of the liver spots on the skin. Instead of these sweet tasting products and toxins one should eat a well balanced diet.

When using the home remedies that use natural products such as lemon juice and aloe gel, one should avoid overdoing the treatment. This is because this products e.g. lemon juice leave the skin dried up. You should also avoid continuing with the treatment if the products react negatively with your skin causing irritations or rashes. You should also avoid poor quality sunscreens since they barely protect you from the sunlight’s effect on your skin.

Altogether you should avoid cheap ineffective methods that do not guarantee removal of liver spots. These methods may later lead to the reappearance of the liver spots. You should instead try out renowned laser therapy methods such as fraxel laser therapy which though a little bit pricy is quite effective. It comprises of a single session of therapy which also has a shorter recovery period compared to other treatments.

Liver spots are therefore quite manageable nowadays, with the various remedies available. It is therefore prudent to avoid certain behaviors and remedies that may lead to one developing liver spots or cause reappearance of liver spots once treatment has been completed.

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